2016 was the Year of Time Travel in Television Free Download

TV Shows in 2016 saw an invasion of time travel like never before. The concept was successful before with the likes of Time Tunnel to Quantum Leap and the Legendary “Doctor Who”. These creations got only popular over time but what we didn’t saw was a traffic jam. Now many tele-visuals are trying to achieve this pact. Who can blame them when got Christmas Special Comics for a while. People needed a change and what better than a tried and tested formula.

How It Started?

This all started with the Superhero munch, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. The synopsis was a team is recruited in 2016 to protect the timeline against terrorist from 2166. It was renewed for a second season. Seeing to its Success, The Flash also saw some time travel elements.

NBC was falling behind but it made its comeback with “Timeless”. The series was very familiar with time travel stereotypes and cliché we saw in the past year. There was a speculation that it was being ripped off from Frequency. But the speculations were doomed once the whole thing was aired. It met with positive reception.

Continuing the Craze

The Ongoing craze of such TV Shows was not enough that some future announcements were made. ABC at Comic Con said it will start Time After Time based on the 1979 movie of same name. The pilot was shown and it concluded that Doctor Who was right about the fourth dimensional fiction. Fox also managed to make into the headlines with its sitcom “Making History”.

It was about a nerdy couple who are college professionals and travel back to the American Revolution all to ruin the timeline of events. This show was interesting and proved itself worthy of our time. The midseason will start in January 2017. With that being said, we are keen to see what 2017 will offer.

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