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Beyond Skyline (2017) Watch Online Free
Movie Genres: Action, Adventure, Horror
Movie Language Is: English
Movie Quality Is: HDRip
Director Is: Liam O’Donnell
Writer: Liam O’Donnell
Movie Cast Is: Frank Grillo, Bojana Novakovic, Jonny Weston


A tough-as-nails detective embarks on a relentless pursuit to free his son from a nightmarish alien warship.

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Beyond Skyline” is a sci-fi film too dark and with a total lack of humor. There is no character development and we do not know anything about the lead characters. The screenplay is full of clichés and a complete mess, with action, detective story, crime, sci-fi, horror and martial arts. The special effects are excellent and maybe the best part of this forgettable B-movie. My vote is five.

As we all know the first movie was boring but this one managed to keep me entertained all the way, good story-line, characters are likeable, the SciFi element is a little unbelievable but heck its a movie that’s what they do. If they bring out a third movie, I will go and watch.

First of all, they should get the camera man to stop drinking so we can hold the camera steady. This new style of hand-held cameras is absolutely, and literally, nauseating. I I would like to say it I actually saw the film, but for 40% of it my eyes are closed just keep from puking on the guy in front of me.

The about beside the movie is extremely weak with no character development and it’s highly unlikely that an advanced civilization of aliens as those depicted in the movie The Practice martial arts as too close to just vaporising the human beings. I am an absolute sci-fi geek, and willing to forgive a lot of things. But this movie fails on so many levels I wonder why I even spent the time watching it that I will never get back.

I gave it 5 Movie Cast Is only for the reason that it has some good special effects. But even they were amateurish and I can only think that the camera movement was designed to disguise the poor quality of the CGI.

I read some of the reviews of this and would like to say how much I disagree. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie in the theater. I really enjoy the story and effects. Maybe it does not have a completely new idea. Invaders from space have been done many times. This one is very original in its thoughts on how a superior race would accomplish this. If you just set back and enjoy it without judging every little imperfection, you will enjoy it. And I am way over twelve. I was that age when star wars first came out. Take a look and enjoy the originality and great effects. Enjoy!

Saw Skyline a few times and thought hmmm what an interesting concept. Self Repairing ships, hypnotizing lights, Mutated humans who control enemy drones. This time around i was a bit surprised they started off the movie the way they did and not from the end credits scene from the first. Overall the movie was enjoyable but the ending was a bit too cheesy. Where do they go from there?

p.s- movie actually took time to explain that the aliens needed humans to power their soldiers which the most of the idiots who watched the first one didn’t understand. Everything needs to be spoon-fed to people these days for people to understand.

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