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Indrasena (2017) Telugu Watch Online Free
Movie Genres: Action, Thriller
Movie Language Is: Telugu
Movie Quality Is: DVDScr
Director Is: G. Srinivasan
Writers: G. Srinivasan
Movie Cast Is: Vijay Antony, Diana Champika, Kaali Venkat


Indrasena is all about two twins Indrasena and Rudrasena played by Vijay Anthony. When everything seems to be going well in their lives, Indrasena commits a murder and is sentenced to prison for seven years. Soon after this, Rudrasena, who is a good guy, transforms into a street rowdy.

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Indrasena (Vijay Antony) is a person with great humanity. There is one problem and that is he is an alcoholic. Mother tries hard to change him whereas brother Indrasena (Vijay Antony) has given up. A girl Chitra (Jewel Mary) changes his life. Just when he thinks things are going to change forever an unexpected incident occurs. It impacts everyone. What has happened and how it all ends is what the film is all about? How Is Vijay Antony’s Performance? Vijay Antony plays a double role as Indrasena and Rudrasena. There is not much difference in the acts which is why the characters easily change places at a time. The actor does his usual intense staring with high blaring background score. If the scene works, Vijay Antony makes the cut, otherwise, he tries hard with no real emotional response. Direction by G.Srinivasan? G Srinivasan has picked a very routine story in Indrasena. It has few moments that works in parts, but overall the narrative is weak to hold the audience interest. The first half begins interestingly by establishing the characters and the setup. It slowly builds towards circumstances that change the lives of a family forever. Some of this scenes that are life effecting lack the impact that they ought to have. It just happens casually. Agreed, that is true in real life, but when the movie has cinematic fights and all other ingredients why not have the spice in those important scenes as well? Post a decent interval, things pick up momentarily in the second half. A Little bit of interest is generated, but once again, the critical moments lack the drama. The biggest casualty here is the climax. There is a big attempt by the makers to create a catharsis, the grand sweeping emotional gesture, but the feeling isn’t generated. And that sums up the entire film’s experience. There is a good-old Supergood Films goodness on display throughout. It is narratively at loggerheads with the masala ambition and features. The two aren’t mixed well. It is also another big issue with the movie. Overall, Indrasena is extremely tedious and boring watch.

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